I know as of lately I have been a bit MIA on here. Our life has been crazy and I am sure this is the same for pretty much anyone anywhere. We have faced burnout, family struggles, and emotional trials. It has been a trying time for my husband and my anxiety and depression. We both face similar issues and often we feed off each other. It can be a vicious cycle when we let negativity and stress rule our lives and I have let them both have free reign.

That is why this year is all about balance. I have found that every year seems to have a different theme that defines the main lesson. God teaches us each lessons when we need them most and while not all the lessons are connected, often the big ones seem to be. Or maybe it just takes longer for me to absorb the big lessons. I don’t know. Regardless, my husband and I have found that God is showing us the need for balance in our lives. Balance for me is learning to prioritize my time with God; looking out for my mental, physical, and spiritual health; balancing our finances; and making time for unwinding and rest.

De-stressing has been a big part of this year. Learning to let go and let God hasn’t been easy. I naturally am more of a Martha, keeping busy with things that don’t really need to be focused on at that time. My husband is better at choosing rest. He is teaching me to let go. When it comes to my anxiety and depression he is helping me find balance. Helping me to breathe when I get panicked and understanding my depression and walking me through the tough days the best he can. While we both face our own issues we are finding ways that we can use our own struggles to help each other. Setting aside alone time for each of us throughout the week has also helped. Finally, holding each other accountable for our alone time with God has made a huge impact.

All that being said, we are so far from where we need to be but God is working on us a little everyday so we are getting better. We are almost to our two year anniversary and we fight often as we work out all our differences. We are trying to learn to fight smarter and not harder or worse, but it is a process. I am still convinced though that we will get stronger together. This journey requires so much but if I keep my ministry mindset I know that I will keep pressing towards the goal.

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