We Did Not Come For Easy

Almost three years ago I met the man who would be my husband at Bible college. We were both there for the same reason. We both wanted to serve God. Neither of us were specifically looking for someone to be with but we were both keeping our eyes open for whomever God might have for us. After a while God made it clear to each of us that we should give each other a shot… and the rest is history.

I was in a rough place when we met and so was he. We really learned to grow together and to work as a team… and we are still doing so. We have only been together for a few years but we have already been through so much as a team. I am so grateful that God put us together. We each had an idea of where God might send us after school but God began to clarify our direction all the more as we began to prepare for marriage.

Originally, we thought God might send us to New England to pursue church planting. We felt called to serve together to help in an area that was in desperate need of the Gospel. While we were looking for places to work and live, God changed our focus. My husband, who grew up in West Virginia heard that West Virginia was considered a new work state. This meant it was a state that was in such a need for the Gospel that the majority of the people had not been exposed to the truth of Christ or developed a relationship with Him. It really bothered my husband that his home state needed so much help and that he had not heard of it until then. We prayed and God began opening doors for us to move and serve in West Virginia. In fact, God sent us packing almost immediately and we found ourselves in a new state, looking for a new start, with a baby on the way, and no specific job on the horizon.

Within two years of marriage we had faced so much and now God was sending us on a new path. Like Abraham, God was sending us to a place that we did not know, for a clear purpose that we could not see. We were prepared to go as God sent us but we were not prepared for all the difficulties that we were to face… but we should have been. We should have been; because God promises that we would have trials and tribulations if we followed Him and He promises to be with us when we face them. It is hard to remember that sometimes. When we face the toughest times. When the baby screams and keeps everyone awake, the job we wanted does not go through, money is tight, or the ministry we serve in gets tough… it is so easy to forget. But we did not come here for easy. We knew that the ministry would be tough. We were taught so in school but life has a funny way of making the things you learn in school so different in practice. We have had to remind ourselves of that regularly. As I pursue a life as a ministry minded mama, I will need to rely more and more on the promise that God will be with me as this journey gets tough. We did not come for easy but by God’s grace and through His strength, we will not let the tough times overtake us!

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